If you had to come up with some really perfect entertainment for your partner or even your friend, then what would it be? These days, they`re more likely to give gifts that are in the form of an experience or some kind of action and tension. And in my opinion, it really doesn`t hurt if maybe some gift vouchers for the shop and or for the cinema and theatre You can exchange them for something else. How about donating to someone an experience where they have a lot of adventure, adrenaline and action? Because I think that nowadays people are more likely to just sit at the computers and or at the TV and not even know how to have fun, because I`m very happy when my friend gave me a voucher for bungee jumping and also for shooting for my birthday.

You can try advertisment.

I`ll tell you, when I saw these two vouchers, I almost fainted and was horrified. And I was really scared, and I didn`t know if I could really do bungee jumping or touch a gun. Because I`ve always thought that whoever`s holding a gun, that he`s a bad person, that he`s either shooting people or killing animals. I really don`t like guns, but then when my friend forced me into shooting in Prague, I was very surprised.

Dont be shy.

There were very helpful staff, everyone was decent, everything was quality everywhere and I liked the area overall. It was clean and tidy. And what do you think about the shooting range in Prague? Everything was beautifully arranged. I fell in love with the shooting range at first sight, which is why I think that even if you go to the shooting range in Prague, you will be very pleasantly surprised, because there are all specialists who will always advise you if you need about a gun or shooting. And you can choose to fire a short weapon or a long gun. This is up to you what you feel like. Don`t worry and try it if necessary, you can leave if you don`t like it.